To those who know, Tshwane is a city that lets you choose your own adventure. Where the new grows in the shadow of the old. If you’re adventurous enough to experience it, Tshwane is a city of exotic food, bold designers and cutting edge architecture.

The beating heart of the new and better Tshwane is Menlyn Maine, a mixed-use purpose built development that re-imagines the way urban spaces can be used. It is new urbanism in action. A healthier work environment. A lush welcoming home. Shopping that celebrates the different and innovative. A liveable future today that offers shopping, working and living under a retractable roof. It allows for the discovery of what the future can be.

Time Square Casino offers thrills beyond bright lights and old school gambling. Embracing the green aesthetic of the precinct and inspired by the study of time, it keeps gamblers beguiled and entertained at its tables and its world class restaurants and bars. You can let off steam and, if the dice roll right, profit from your visit. 

Menlyn Maine is more than a destination to shop and play, it is an energy efficient 4 Star Green Star SA Custom Rated development, the first in South Africa and one of only 17 Clinton Climate Initiative Green Cities across the globe. More than a collection of award winning green buildings with smaller carbon footprints, Menlyn Maine redefines how Tshwane shops, plays, lives, and works.

Inspired by the belief that sustainable design creates a healthier environment for all, Menlyn Maine is designed to redefine the way people shop, play, live and work. Its office buildings are designed with the health and wellness of staff in mind. Roof gardens, energy efficiency light filled offices have drawn ‘A’ list tenants like Nedbank, BMW and SAGE VIP.

Central Square offers coffee shops and restaurants and a wealth of unique boutiques with some of the best fashion in Tshwane. Wander around its multitude of boutiques and bakeries or discover the peace of wellness of its yoga and fitness centres. Discover local style and exotic tastes created by a new generation of creative souls. If you’re looking for a lamp to brighten your space or fresh fruit and vegetables, you will find it all at Menlyn Maine’s shopping precinct. Should you tire of shopping and tasting, the landscaped piazza’s water features and public art lets you destress and watch the world walk by.

At Menlyn Maine, the parks and squares, pavements and streets are all environmentally sustainable;

  • Discover a self-sustaining indigenous park which runs through the centre of the entire precinct
  • Its retractable roofs over the courtyard, are linked to rain sensors
  • Water used in the gyms pool showers and sauna, drain into a redirection channel
  • 70% of all water used in the precinct is recycled
  • All the building roofs are at a 26◦ angle to make best use of solar generated power and 30% of the precincts daily energy needs comes from the sun
  • Its positioning makes the best use of the city’s public transport network, to reduce the number of cars on the road
  • Green Leases make tenants responsible for energy use and is helping to change mindsets about sustainability
  • It also keeps accessibility for the handicapped in mind, with pavements that are easily accessible for wheelchairs and special grooved tiles and bubbles in the walkway make it easier for the blind to find their way around
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