Cullinan is a small, well-preserved 19th century mining town east of Pretoria. Founded in 1902 and named after the founder of the Premier Diamond Mine, Sir Thomas Major Cullinan, this semi-rural community consists of mining families, farmers, artists and, on weekends, bikers and families looking to escape to the country.

Create memories

Be entertained, meet adventure, get local flavor, unlock nature and see why this village is a must see destination. Around every corner, this little village offers something for everyone – a place to meet, share, connect and see the unique.

Take in the City’s picturesque views at the “Big Hole”

The “Big Hole” viewing point is on a gravel road behind the ventilation fan visible from Oak Avenue. This big hole is 4 times bigger than Kimberley’s at 1 000 metres long, 500 metres wide and about 450 deep – positioning it among the biggest in the world. As you face the hole, at the right hand corner, only a few metres from the surface is the location where the famous Cullinan Diamond was found.
When you’ve finished ogling this enormous crater, visit the Diamond Hub next door, where you’ll be able to see replicas of the mine’s most famous gems and diamond-cutting demonstrations. Entrance is free and the viewing point is locked in the evenings.

Visit Cullinan by steam rail

Relive the romance of old-time railway travel and experience a fabulous heritage day out in the historic diamond village of Cullinan. Bi-monthly a “Friends of the Rail” managed steam locomotive, complete with crew and train management, takes passengers on a day trip to Cullinan and back. The locomotive departs from the Friends of the Rail station in Hermanstad, in the west of Pretoria, where passengers are advised to leave their cars for the day. Have lunch at one of the several quaint cafe-restaurants in the avenues or “bring your own” and make use of the braai fires that they provide for free.

Giddy up and explore Cullinan on horseback

Cullinan Adventure Horse Safaris offers tours to popular attractions around Cullinan on horseback. Horses are suitable for beginners to more experienced riders. Rides usually take an hour and a half for a maximum of 10 people.

Enjoy a round of Golf at Cullinan Golf Club

Cullinan Golf Club, situated a mere 0.9km from Cullinan, offers a good 9-hole course for avid golfers to test their mettle. The layout of the course has remained very much the same since it’s development in 1905. The course has remained a favourite spot among locals. Visitors are welcome and there are carts for hire if required.

Explore your adventurous side at GorgeGlide Cullinan

GorgeGlide Cullinan provides high, fast and exciting zip-line slides that leave you wanting more. The glides zip across the beautiful Muningy Gorge, and will likely satisfy any adrenalin junkie in pursuit of a high. At the first glide dubbed “The Granny”, you’ll be treated to a scenic view of the gorge, gliding 260m heights at 30 km/h.

Visit “Rust in White” for Antiques appreciation and purchase

A must visit for antique lovers, is the Rust In White shop, famous for it’s rusted items with a unique form of shabby chic. The shop’s garden is quite a feast for the eye, colourfully decorated with wonky old rusted items, from plates to pots, cups, watering cans and more.

Explore Oak Avenue

Quirky and quaint, the town of Cullinan’s focal point is Oak Avenue, which is lined with jacaranda and oak trees, cottages with intricate wrought-iron work and picket fences, bric-a-brac shops, restaurants, and the must-visit Jan Harmsgat se Agterplaas (literally, ‘Jan Harmsgat’s back garden’), a garden theatre-cum-gallery that rarely fails to delight visitors with its junkyard glamour. Shops well worth a visit in Oak Avenue include The Cockpit Brewhouse, The Art of Silver shop for fine silver jewellery, classic timepieces, rare coins and investment art, The Lemon Tree garden restaurant and the Cullinan Information Centre. If architecture and the rich history of this Victorian town is what interests you, be sure to stop to take a picture of Nedbank branch of Premier Mine, a beautiful old sand-stone building with a rich history. For those looking for a place to spend some cash in Oak Avenue, there’s the Cullinan Jewel Shopping Centre – a recently upgraded complex that caters for all the sectors represented in Cullinan whilst adding to the town’s renowned ‘old world’ charm.

Meet our Big 5 at Dinokeng Game Reserve

The beautiful region of Dinokeng is situated on the northern borders of Gauteng, only a stone’s throw away from Pretoria. It is now a well-known playground where you’ll be able to explore a wide variety of cultural attractions and outdoor adventures. With buffalo having been recently introduced to the Dinokeng Game Reserve, never before have the Big Five resided so close to a built-up urban area. Cruise around the park on leisurely game drives, or book a school tour with the adventure camp with a variety of accommodation options available to suit your budget.

Hover over the Dinokeng Game Reserve in a Big Sky Balloon

A game drive with a difference – glide over the Dinokeng Reserve and take in the beautiful scenery as you fly over the Rust de Winter dam in a hot air balloon safari with Big Sky Ballooning. They’ve been operating in this area for over five years, so you’re in good hands when it comes to safety and prime game-spotting opportunities.

Visit the Herbert Baker Church

Visit the historical Anglican Church designed in 1908 by British architect Sir Herbert Baker, who later designed the Union Buildings in Pretoria. The original intention had been to construct a large church hall, but plans changed and Baker was instructed to submit plans for a small stone church and parsonage.

Spend the day in tranquility at Roodeplaat Dam and Nature Reserve

Over 170 species of birds have been identified at the Roodeplaat Dam and Nature Reserve, making it a bird-watcher’s paradise. It also has an abundance of other wildlife, like zebra, waterbuck, black-backed jackal and kudu, as well as a variety of accommodation options for those wanting to escape the city limits and relax in a bushveld environment.

So much to see at Cullinan Junction

Cullinan Junction is the hub of the little village and is is situated at the railway station, boasting numerous shops, from vintage collectibles, antiques, gift shops, art, crafts, food, refreshments and more… all presented by local entrepreneurs. Come and have a cup of tea in our gardens, enjoy the atmosphere, shop  and come have chat with Diego our macaw.

Taste the fruits of the vine at Loopspruit Winery

Situated just outside the hectic city centre of Pretoria, this successful vineyard offers some of the best wine in the world. Spread over 20.5 hectares, Loopspruit Wine Estate is the only award-winning wine producing estate north of the Vaal River. The wines range from the affordable to the most expensive in the land. While you are still there why not enjoy testing your favorite wine with a slice of cheese!

Check out the Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum

See how the agricultural history of South Africa developed from the Stone Age to the year 1945 at the Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum in Rayton. You can explore a historic farmyard (1880-1920) on the grounds, and view the large collection of farming implements and vehicles used in the area many decades ago. By booking in advance, you’ll also be able to experience different demonstrations of farm activities like candle-making, cow-milking and the baking of bread.

Visit “Tour Cullinan Diamond Mine”

The Cullinan Diamond Mine is the only diamond mine still in operation today in South Africa, and it produces nearly a quarter of the world’s largest gem diamonds. It was here that the world’s biggest diamond, the 3 106-carat Cullinan Diamond was found in 1905. Over the years more that 120 million carats have been mined here.

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